Empty Tubes and Back Seat Memories by Russ Warriner | Books in Review

Russell Warriner does a good job to telling his Vietnam War story with much reconstructed dialogue in his memoir, Empty Tubes and Back Seat Memories: A Life Changing Experience (Outskirts Press, 362 pp., $16.95, paper). Warriner joined the Army in 1967, had Basic at Fort Gordon and AIT in aviation mechanics at Fort Rucker. He went on to put in an eighteen-month tour in Vietnam as a crew chief and door gunner on a rocket-equipped Huey with an Army Aerial Rocket Artillery battery in the 2nd Battalion, 20th Artillery of the 1st Cavalry Division.

That eventful tour took its emoti onal toll. “Vietnam, ” he says, “had different effects on everyone who served there. I do not believe that anyone who served in Vietnam completely escaped the effects of Vietnam. It did not matter who you were or what rank you held. I believe that no two people came away affected in exactly the same way, although in many ways, they are all similar. In any war, the effects can last forever.

For more info on the book, and the Blue Max ARA Association, which Warriner, a VVA member,  founded, go to the author’s website .

—Marc Leepson

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