Dead or Alive: Agent Orange by Mary Rincon | Books in Review

Any book with the words “Agent Orange” in the title gets my attention.  Mary Rincon’s Dead or Alive Agent Orange (PublishAmerica, 25 pp., $16.95, paper) grabbed me with the bright orange on the cover. Once that is said, there isn’t much to this odd little book other than sincerity about having lost a father, another one of those “distant” fathers.

I think this book was meant to be poetry, as the typography is uneven.  Rincon does delineate briefly the sickening results of AO exposure, and she says that her father died of small-cell cancer. The editing could be better, but the sense of grief and loss comes through, even on the pages that bring in UFO’s and the possibility that the author’s father was cloned and is not really dead.

This is a unique book, but most will find it beyond the pale.

—David Willson

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