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VVA member Clyde Hoch served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1965-69, including a 1968-69 Vietnam War tour with the First Marine Division’s First Tank Battalion. Hock joined the Marine Corps in 1965 at eighteen after graduating from high school. He volunteered to go to Vietnam, arrived in county in late February 1968, and served as a tank commander, section leader, and platoon sergeant. Hoch wrote about his experiences in Vietnam in his 2011 memoir, Tracks That book also included a brief description of his postwar readjustment problems and eight short essays by other Vietnam veterans.

In his latest book, A Tribute To Tanks from WWI to Iraq (Hollyoak Trading Company, 204 pp., $16.95, paper), Hoch offers short descriptions of American tank warfare in World Wars I and II and in the Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq wars. The bulk of the book consists of stories by soldiers who served in tanks in those wars—some of them told in the first person, some written by Hoch. More than half of the book is devoted to Vietnam War tank stories.

The author’s website is www.clydehoch.com

—Marc Leepson

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