Veterans Benefits Committee Update November/December 2021


At its October 7 online meeting, committee members discussed the Veterans Voices of America FAQs flyer. Each Q&A was discussed and reviewed. Suggestions for improvements and clarifications of the eight items in the flyer were noted.

Next, we discussed the flyer titled “VVA Benefits Program Successes to Protect with VetsVOA.” It includes a map, chart, statistics, dollar amounts, and success stories to present a positive view of the Benefits Program. Suggestions for improvement and clarification were noted for Director Felicia Mullaney.

The third item discussed was Pete Peterson’s open letter to the membership, which he wrote last summer. In it, he urged chapter and state council presidents to understand the reality of the future of VVA’s Veterans Benefits Program and to support VetsVOA as it carries on this important work.

Mullaney and Alec Ghezzi discussed the issue of periodic service officer recertification. The Office of the General Counsel maintains a list of all accredited service officers. VVA had received the list of VVA VSOs to ensure the status of our personnel and the personnel in Iowa and Ohio. The previously drafted Iowa MOU has been updated.

The committee voted to provide the documents to the delegates at the National Convention.

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