Veterans Benefits Committee Update November/December 2020


The Veterans Benefits Committee met September 19 via Zoom. Vice President Tom Burke, Program Director Felicia Mullaney, three program staff, and 16 committee members attended the meeting. The future of VVA’s Benefits Program, especially in light of its commitment to the veterans it serves, was discussed.

VVA’s Benefits Program is not going away. VVA will continue to serve all veterans, dependents, and surviving spouses and help them with their claims with the VA.

Our National Benefits Program currently handles Power of Attorney in 24 states, Guam, the Philippines, and Washington, D.C. The VBC will ask state councils that have VSO programs to submit plans for their future operations. VSO programs that close will shift their Power of Attorney to VVA National. This process will take time. A motion was sent to the Board to approve an MOU with the Iowa Association of County Commissioners and County Veteran Service Officers. These County Veteran Service Officers can be VVA accredited. The motion was approved by the Board.

Felicia Mullaney has had two Zoom meetings with the Minnesota State Council and the Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs concerning the continuation of VVA’s MOU with the state after the Minnesota State Council closes down in February.

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