Veterans Benefits Committee Update March/April 2021


The Veterans Benefits Committee met January 12 to discuss the committee’s resolutions. They were reviewed and the committee sup-ported the following actions:

VB-1: To continue
VB-3: To be revised by Greg Nembhard, VSO Program and Policy Manager of the Veterans Benefits Program
VB-5: Sent to the VVA Government Affairs Committee
VB-6: Sent to the Government Affairs Committee
VB-9: To be revised and merged with VB-10 and 11
VB-10: Retired to 9
VB-11: Retired to 9
VB-12: Revised by the committee
VB-13: Revised by the committee
VB-16: Retire
VB-27: To continue
VB-28: Sent to Government Affairs
VB-29: To continue
VB-30: To continue and send a copy to Government Affairs
VB-31: To continue and add modernization and oversight for Compensation & Pension

Committee meetings will follow for VB-12 & 13.

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