Wayne Karlin Pre-Veterans Day Talk on the Vietnam War and His Work

Wayne Karlin—the novelist, author, and recently retired college professor who served in the Vietnam War with the U.S. Marine Corps and whose service in the war and its personal and political aftermath are themes that run through much of his work—will sit down for a pre-Veterans Day virtual interview, at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time this evening, November 10, 2021, with Christine Biglin, a librarian at the St. Mary’s County (Maryland) Library. The discussion will center on his service in the war and it’s influence on his acclaimed body of literary and academic work.

Karlin, who also has written for the magazine, received the VVA Excellence in the Arts Award in 2005. He also took part in Episode 5 of the magazine’s new web series,  “Dispatches.” That episode went live in our FB page in June and also is archived there.
Click here to register for tonight’s free event.

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