Vietnam Veterans for Factual History’s new magazine

You can download one of the first four issues of Vietnam Veterans for Factual History’s  new magazine at the group’s website.

The inaugural issue features an article highly critical of the PBS Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary.

“We had hoped the documentary would be balanced and accurately reflect all sides of a complex issue, especially relating to many war myths that have taken root in academic and cultural circles,” VVFH spokesman, retired Marine Col. Andrew Finlayson said today. “But that was clearly wishful thinking.”

Other topics include an article on a Walter Cronkite’s report on the 1968 Tet Offensive that never aired on TV, a critical look at Mark (Black Hawk Down) Bowden’s 2017 book on the 1968 Battle of Hue, and an analysis of how Russian meddling in our political process relates to the Vietnam War.


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