Two Vietnam War Veteran Artists on Display in new Exhibition in Tennessee

The Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center in Hendersonville, Tennessee, is running a new, popular, original art exhibition this summer, “Vietnam: 2 Soldiers. 2 Artists. 2 Journeys. Then & Now.” It opened June 20 and has been extended to August 29. You can take a virtual tour at this link.

The exhibit showcases the work of two Tennessee-based Vietnam War veteran artists, David Wright and Chuck Creasy. Wright, best known today for his Western Frontier art, served a tour of duty in Vietnam in the Army in 1964-65 during which he created drawings of U.S. troops and Vietnamese people. Many of those drawings are part of the exhibit.

Creasy, a well-known watercolorist, served as a forward artillery observer in the war. He returned to Vietnam in 2018, and was inspired to paint a series of watercolors of the people he met. Those paintings are part of the exhibit as well.

“The MACC is honored to be the first art gallery in America to present this amazing exhibition, which [showcases] the artwork of David Wright and Chuck Creasy,” said Cheryl Strichik, the center’s executive director and CEO. “I am excited about this show because it’s not just another war exhibit. David’s and Chuck’s expressive drawings and watercolors focus our attention on ordinary people, on American soldiers and Vietnamese civilians, and on the beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. So this is really an exhibition about our shared humanity. It’s about the healing, transformative power of art.”

For more info, call 615-822-0789.

August 8, 2021


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