Prime-Time Nam Vet Parenthood Character

The NBC weekly one-hour drama series, Parenthood, now it its second prime-time season, is based on the 1989 movie of the same name. The TV show, produced by Imagine Television and Universal Media Studios (Ron Howard is an executive producer), airs Tuesday nights and deals with the ups and downs of a large, sometimes functional family, the Bravermans.

Sarah, a single mom, and her two teenagers live with her dad, Zeek, played by Emmy-Award-winner Craig T. Nelson (above, right ) of Coach fame and her mom, Camille.  There also are a bunch of other Braverman siblings, including Adam, played by Peter Krause, who starred in Six Feet Under .

Zeek is, among other things, a Vietnam veteran with 2st century re-adjustment issues. Here’s how Nelson described his character in a recent Internet interview :

“He’s an adventurer, he’s still an experimenter. He’s willing to change up to a certain degree but he knows what works. The show has talked about depression, his post-traumatic stress disorder, his mood swings, his temper, some of his proclivities for drinking. They stem from his experience in Vietnam, which is an area we haven’t really gotten to in the show yet. Hopefully we’re going to get into that because I came through that time and it was tremendously impactful on who we are as a country and as people.”

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