Top Ten Vietnam War Movies – a List

On Vietnam War Veterans Day last week Military Times posted a list of the Top 10 Vietnam War movies—the flicks that they “consider best tell the story of those who went through hell, both abroad and when they returned home.”

Here’s the list, which includes nearly all of the usual suspects—not a bad thing:

10. Casualties of War

9. Rescue Dawn

8. We Were Soldiers

7. Hamburger Hill

6. Born on the Fourth of July

5. Good Morning, Vietnam

4. Full Metal Jacket

3. The Deer Hunter

2. Apocalypse Now

1. Platoon

Last year The VVA Veteran polled our members (through our Facebook page), and after much debate, winnowed down what Arts Editor Marc Leepson named as the top sixteen Vietnam War movies to one winner: We Were Soldiers.

Full Metal Jacket was No. 2, followed by Hamburger Hill and BAT-21. The other top vote-getters were Platoon, Apocalypse Now, In Country, and Hanoi Hilton. Here’s how the voting went:

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