‘The Last Thing We Ever Do’ CD by and about Vietnam War Veterans

“The Last Thing We Ever Do,” an album of songs based on the experiences of Vietnam War veterans, was released Aug. 8 by Warrior Songs, a nonprofit that helps veterans heal from post-war trauma through the creative arts. The organization’s mission is “to help veterans to more fully understand and integrate all aspects of their military experience by transforming their traumatic experiences and struggles into an art form which both inspires and is life affirming, thus motivating their continued healing.”

One art form is music, including this CD, which is made up of 14 songs written by professional songwriters and performed by studio musicians inspired by the firsthand testimony of Vietnam War veterans. You can listen to a sample on the Warrior Song website’s home page.

Jason Moon, who founded Warrior Songs in 2011, is an Iraq War veteran singer-songwriter who helped heal his PTSD  through his music. He founded the nonprofit to help other veterans heal as well.

Copies of the CD are free for veterans and veteran non-profits. Veterans may order a free physical copy by typing “I’m a veteran” in the online contact form. For a free digital download, just put “$0.00” as the price when filling out the form.

Warrior Songs offers CDs at cost plus shipping to VA and DoD staffers, and to other government and nonprofits doing veteran-healing work and advocacy.

August 14, 2021

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