'A Time To Kill' Opens on Broadway


The cast of the Broadway version of 'A Time to Kill'

When we last reported on the Broadway show version of John Grisham’s first novel, A Time to Kill ( which came out in 1988 and deals with a young lawyer in Mississippi defending an African-American Vietnam veteran), we said the show would be open in September. After a short delay, the show opens tonight, October 9, for a limited engagement at the Golden Theater .

The 1966 movie version starred Matthew McConaughey as the lawyer and Samuel L. Jackson as the Nam vet. The play, adapted for the stage by Rupert Holmes and directed by Eathan McSweeney, features Sebastian Arcules and John Douglas Thompson in the two starring roles.

The New York Times recently published an illuminating article about the play and John Grisham, whose soon-to-be-published next book, Sycamore Row , is a squeal to A Time To Kill .


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