Website Query: Vietnam War Pinups Wanted

Andi Gustavson, a graduate student studying the history of snapshot photography and war at the University of Texas, has set up a website—“a digital archive”— for “an important group of conflict photographs that has yet to be recognized by museums, archives, or historians…. personal snapshots that were most significant to servicemen and women.

To that end, Gustavson would like Vietnam veterans to visit the Personal Pin-up Project at  and upload a photograph. Submissions, Gustavson says, “may include snapshots of lovers, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, other family members, pets, etc. I am also willing to digitize hard copy snapshots if vets want to participate but need help.”

The hope is that “by exploring the snapshots taken by service members into war zones and overseas, we can learn more about the intimate and daily experiences of conflict and the relationship between war and love, hope, longing, desire, frustration, admiration, and nostalgia.”

For more info, email  and please mention The VVA Veteran ‘s Arts of War on the web page if you do.

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