Photographer Looking For Veterans going to VN in January

Catherine Karnow,  a National Geographic photographer who has been documenting Vietnam for twenty-one years for that august publication as well as for other magazines and books, is putting the final touches on a presentation about that country for the National Geographic Live Speakers Bureau.

“I have one gaping hole in my coverage of Vietnam, though, ” Karnow told us, “and that is the story of American veterans returning to Vietnam for reasons of healing, reconciliation, and personal growth.”

She is planning to go to Vietnam on January 15 for two weeks, and is “very much hoping to find a group [of Vietnam veterans] going in this time period. Ideally, a really interesting situation of some kind would be a real plus.”

If you’re part of a Vietnam veterans’ group going to Vietnam then, Karnow would love to hear from you.

Email her ASAP at or call 415-928-3232 or 415-305-8181. If you do, tell her that you read about the project on The VVA Veteran ‘s Arts of War on the web page.



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