Photo Query: Memorial Tats

Marine Corps military photographer Randy Clinton is working on a project
documenting memorial tattoos of people, including Vietnam veterans, who have died in war. “I sincerely believe that these tattoos say so much about the way that we as service members carry the memories of our brothers with us for the rest of our lives, ” Clinton told us, “and I have a great opportunity to share that with the world.”

Clinton, a sergeant at the Marine Corps’ Public Affairs Division in New York City, is working on the project as part of his official duties. He has not finalized plans about how the photos will be published.

“It will probably be a long photo essay slide show with a written story and maybe a multimedia video, ” he said. “I’m still in the beginning stages of it as I find people with this kind of art to photograph and start putting the collection together, but I have had some interest from Marines magazine and a few other places about using it in various forms once it’s done. “

If you or someone you know would like to help with this, or if you just know someone who has a tattoo along these lines, contact Sgt. Clinton. His work phone is 212.784.0160; cell: 347.213.8841; email

If you do, please mention you read about his project in VVA’s Arts of War on the web.

You can see some of Randall Clinton’s photos on line on Flicker and .

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