Jeff Wolin, Veteran Photographer

Jeffrey A. Wolin, who teaches photography at Indiana University, put together the excellent book,
Inconvenient Stories: Vietnam War Veterans , a couple of years ago. That volume contains his present-day photographic portraits of several dozen Vietnam veterans (including yours truly), along with in-country photos and edited oral histories by the veterans. An exhibit featuring the photos has been on tour throughout the country.

Wolin is now working on the the squeal to Inconvenient Stories , a look at Vietnamese who were involved in the war. He has gone to Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Indianapolis to photograph and interview ARVN veterans, to rural North Carolina to photograph Montagnards, and to Vietnam, where he photographed and interviewed veterans of the American War.

“It was an amazing experience––the people were uniformly warm and welcoming, their stories profoundly moving, ” Wolin says on his web site . “I traveled in the company of John Linnemeier, one of the veterans in Inconvenient Stories . Former enemies, the NVA veterans and John would share war stories, show each other their wounds, laugh, cry, hug.”

Wolin has posted a selection of the portraits on his web site, and plans to return to Vietnam for more photos and interviews. The two books, he says, “will provide a comprehensive look at how war affects combatants from all sides and civilians caught in the crossfire. My work aims to heal some of the wounds caused by the war to both American and Vietnamese societies.”

Inconvenient Stories: Vietnam War Veterans was recently published by Umbrage Editions. The exhibition is on tour and will be coming to the Indiana University Art Museum in June.

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