Binh Dinh's Vietnam War-Influenced Innovative Photography


“Lens” is the name of a New York Times blog that features photography, video, and “visual journalism.” One of the current entrie s on the blog looks at the unique and innovative photographic images of Binh Danh , 34, a Vietnamese-American artist who grew up in California and has an MFA from Stanford University. Binh Danh’s work concentrates on his Vietnamese heritage and the American War in Vietnam. His work, he says, deals with “mortality, memory, history, landscape, justice, evidence, and spirituality.”

In 2001, two years after making his first trip to Vietnam, Danh invented a photographic technique, the chlorophyll printing process, in which photographic images appear embedded in leaves through the action of photosynthesis. From the start he has included images of the Vietnam War in his leaf photographs.

The article includes details on how the printing process works and Dinh’s reflections on being a Vietnamese-American and the continuing legacy of the Vietnam War.







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