Pat Duncan’s New Book: Gothic Horror in World War II

Patrick Sheane Duncan knows war and he knows how to create riveting fiction.

Duncan—a Vietnam War veteran screenwriter, director, and novelist (Mr. Holland’s Opus, Courage Under Fire, 84 Charlie MoPic, Vietnam War Stories, Nick o f Time) —turns to Gothic fantasy fiction with his latest book, Dracula vs. Hitler (Inkshares, 500 pp., $25.99, hardcover; $5.99, Kindle, $39.95, audio).

In the book Duncan imagines that the legendary Count Dracula is revived at the start of World War II to do battle against Adolf Hitler and his monstrous Nazi killing machine. Most of the novel is set in—where else?—Transylvania where the Count joins forces with Romanian resistance fighters. Much bloodshed ensues. Some blood is consumed by our hero.

The book is getting rave reviews. Calling it an “amazing tale of action and adventure, ” reviewer Trisha Chambers w rites that the book “has romance, warfare, and blood galore and is everything you want in a horror novel. It contains a story within a story within a story, and it’s brilliant.”

Toni V. Sweeny, writing in the New York Journal of Books, s ays that Dracula vs. Hitler is “a novel worthy of being called the true sequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”

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