On View in Chicago: Vietnam War Veteran Artist Maurice Costello’s Compelling Art

“Maurice Costello: Back to ‘The Nam,’” is the name of the new exhibit at the National Veterans Art Museum (formerly the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum) in Chicago. As the title implies, the exhibit features work by the artist Maurice Costello, a Vietnam War veteran.

The exhibit includes a 2009 installation of Costello’s work at the museum called “Autobiography,” which has remained part of its permanent collection. “Back to ‘The Nam'” also includes a new portrait of the artist, along with his entire collection of artwork related to his memories of the Vietnam War and his post-military life.  

“This exhibition truly reflects the roots and character of NVAM’s mission, and we’re honored to share Maurice Costello’s artistic journey through his memories of military service and the process of reconciliation through his compelling art,” said the museum’s director, Brendan Foster.

The exhibit went on display on August 17 and runs through January 25, 2020.

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