Gen. Clark Hosts NBC-TV Military Reality Show

Gen. Wesley Clark (the retired four-star, West Point Class of ’66, Rhodes Scholar, and NATO Supreme Allied Commander)  earned his military spurs in Vietnam commanding a First Infantry Division Company in 1970—and being severely wounded in the process.

Since he retired in 2000 Gen. Clark (in the center in the top row of the photo above) has been involved in a variety of endeavors, including running for President in 2004. His latest venture is anything but political: as the eminence grise  on the new NBC-TV series “Stars Earn Stripes.” It’s a reality-competition show in which celeb athletes and show biz folk pair with former military men to take part in rigorous military-like missions (some with live ammo) for fun and bragging rights. The show began with a two-hour premiere on Monday, August 13.

“Wesley Clark, the retired Army general, is a welcome presence overseeing the proceedings and evaluating the performances, ” Neil Genzlinger of  The  New York Times said in his otherwise mostly negative review of the show. “He has an easy manner on camera and, as you’d expect, plenty of real-world knowledge to bring to these fake soldier games.”


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