Jack Lewis, 1924-2009

Jack Lewis, a Marine who served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam and who also was a screenwriter, pulp novelist, and the co-founder of Gun World magazine, died May 24 at age 84 of lung cancer in Hawaii.

Lewis enlisted in the Marines at age 18 and served from December 1942 to September 1946. A machine-gunner in WWII, he was awarded the Bronze Star for bravery as a combat correspondent in Korea during his 1950-56 second stint of active duty. Lewis then went into the Reserves, and was discharged in 1958, but was recommissioned in 1969 and went to Vietnam where he served with III Marine Amphibious Force.

While on reserve duty at Camp Pendleton after World War II, he was a technical adviser on the famed 1949 John Wayne film Sands of Iwo Jima . He later wrote the screenplay for the 1963 movie A Yank in Vietnam , which was filmed in South Vietnam. Lewis went on to write hundreds of magazine articles about Hollywood stars, a ton of western and detective novels, and several other books including Tell It to the Marines (1966).

There was an extensive obituary of Lewis in The Los Angeles Times.

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