‘No Guts No Glory’ Art Exhibit in London

British artist Ben Turnbull‘s mixed media (collages, sculptures, installations, digital prints) solo exhibition, “No Guts No Glory,” went on view in London’s up-scale Saatchi Gallery April 11. Running till May 8, the works artistically and metaphorically follow three American Marines through their tours in the Vietnam War and back home to the U.S.A. Turnbull uses postcards, flags, comics, toys, and other items to get his artistic message across.

Even though the exhibit deals exclusively with the American war in Vietnam, Turnbull says his message holds true for all wars. “This project is an across-the-board look at war and men,” he told CNN.com, “and why men do what they do or don’t do—and what they do when the come back and what happens to them.”

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