‘My Father’s Vietnam’ Doc

Filmmaker and composer Soren Sorensen narrates his documentary My Father’s Vietnam, a personal look at his father Peter’s Vietnam War experience. The film also pays tribute to two men Peter Sorensen knew in Vietnam who died in May of 1970 in Quang Nai Province: Army Spec.4 Loring “Ring” Bailey, Jr. , and Army Cpt. Glenn Rickert .

Sorenson makes good use of up-close-and-personal interviews, especially those with his father—who joined the Army and did most of his Vietnam War tour as a military journalist—and mother, as well as with Bailey’s father and brother-in-law. He mixes in home movies from Vietnam, along with photos and other in-country images to tell the pre-war and war stories of the three men.

Although some of the interviewees’ memories have faded, they still offer insights into what it was like for millions of young men facing the draft during the height of the war (in this case, 1968 when Peter Sorenson graduated from college and lost his student deferment), and the difficult and complicated choices those men made about whether submit to the draft, avoid it (as Bailey’s brother-in-law did), or join the military. For two of the three men featured in this film, the consequences of those choices let to their deaths in the war zone.

Peter Sorensen in country, 1970

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