Vietnam: There and Back CD

The new CD, Vietnam: There and Back ,   is a group of acoustic guitar, country-inflected tunes, all of which deal with the Vietnam War and Vietnam veterans. The songs—with titles such as “Incoming, ” “Livin’ in Fear, ” “Hill 352, ” “Monsoon Rain, ” “Night Patrol, ” and “Ambush”—were written by Vietnam veterans Al Torsiello and Jim “Joey” Purtell, who first met in Vietnam in 1968, along with Purtell’s music-writing partner Ricki E. Bellos.

Purtell and Torsiello served with the 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry, 198th Light Infantry Brigade, and the CD contains a tribute to the men of their unit who died in the war.  “Another motivation for producing this CD is to give back through veterans’ organizations, ” Purtell says. “Our first partnership is with Guitars for Vets , to whom we will be donating 10% of our proceeds.”

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