Tim Murphy's Stirring Tune, "The Wall"

You can listen to the stirring tune, “The Wall, ” written by Vietnam Veteran Timothy Murphy (above) , and sung by Pat Garvey, on line . Murphy, whom we profiled back in 2004 in an article in The VVA Veteran , is working on his first CD, which will consist mostly of original music. The tentative title is “Heroes.”

Murphy, originally from Massena, New York, was drafted into the Army and   spent a year in Vietnam, from September 1968-69. He served as a platoon leader with the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division in the Central Highlands near Pleiku. He received a Silver Star.

He wrote “The Wall” after his first visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington in 1983 with his brother, Pat Murphy, who also served in the Vietnam War.

“That first visit affected me so deeply, ” Tim Murphy told VVA’s Bernard Edelman in 2004. “I came away with an abiding comfort which endures to this day. It was dramatic. It was cathartic. And I felt I had to write something about it. I wanted others to know this peace that I’d experienced there.”

After all, he said, “I have a lot of friends on The Wall.

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