Memorial Day Writers' Project on the Mall, 2012

Lewe Barnett, 2006

On Monday, May 28, Memorial Day 2012, the Memorial Day Writer’s Project one again is hosting a group of veteran writers, poets, songwriters, and singers–many of them Vietnam veterans—on the Mall in Washington, D.C. The MDWP tent opens at 11:30 a.m., and activities go on till 5:30 on the Mall near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial behind the sidewalk facing Constitution Avenue near 21st Street.

This event is open to all veterans. If you would like to participate, show up and “bring your guitar, your stories, your poems, ” said Dick Epstein, who helps coordinate the event. You can email him for more information at

Those who have signed to participate this year include Jonathan Myer, Dick Morris, Tom McLean, Jimmy Stewart,   Epstein, and Barbara Martin. “Author and journalist Nancy Lynch will be there with copies of her book Vietnam Mailbag, ” Epstein said. “Come and listen to the words of poet/activist Sistah Joy, Maritza Rivera, and the stories of Red Cross volunteer Holley Watts. Bring a friend.”

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