Lem Genovese's latest CD: 'Righteous Reconnaissance'

Lem Genovese is a very talented singer/guitarist/songwriter who served in the Vietnam War in the Mekong Delta with the 1st Aviation Brigade and as a medic in the first Persian Gulf War with the 209th Med Clearing Company attached to the 1st Infantry Division. Genovese, who lives in Wisconsin, has been writing and performing his tunes about the Vietnam War since the early 1970s.

His latest CD, “Righteous Reconnaissance, ” is a compilation of some of Genovese’s best work. There are fourteen songs—nearly an hour’s worth of music. In them Genovese accompanies himself on twelve- and six-string acoustic guitar and also shows off his skills on solo instrumentals.

The CD, from Vinh Long Delta Productions, is available from nearly all the on-line CD sources. For more info go to Genovese’s website .



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