The Newseum

On Thursday, April 4, a week before its official opening, Washington, D.C.’s newest museum, the Newseum, held a solemn ceremony honoring four journalists who were killed in a 1971 helicopter crash in Laos. The memorial service, which drew a large crowd of former Vietnam War journalists, commemorated the dedication of the final resting place in the museum of the remains of Larry Burrows, Henri Huet, Kent Potter, and Keisaburo Shimamoto. Their remains were found at the site in 1998.

The fragmentary remains are housed in a stainless-steel box that sits beneath a metal plaque set in the floor of the Newseum’s memorial gallery. Above it is a glass wall containing the names of 1, 843 journalists who have died covering wars since 1837.

The Newseum is on 6th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue just off the National Mall, across the street from the National Gallery of Art.

To read the excellent article on the memorial service in The Washington Post, go to

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