Michael Hirsh’s ‘My Vietnam War’ Radio Doc

WGCU, the NPR station in Fort Myers, Florida, recently ran “My Vietnam War—During, After, and Way After,” a one-hour special produced by Michael Hirsh, an award-winning television journalist and producer who served as a 22-year-old Army combat correspondent with the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam.

Hirsh, a recipient of the VVA Excellence in the Arts Award in 2010, is working—in his words—as “the oldest NPR news ‘intern’ ever” at the station.

“I was fortunate that in addition to having all the letters I wrote home from Vietnam, I also had audio that I recorded over there as a combat correspondent,” Hirsch told us. “And I had audio from some of my public TV projects related to vets.”

You can listen to the show on the WGCU website.

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