The Three Servicemen Restored

Ceremonies today in scorching Washington, D.C., marked the completion of the restoration to its original finish of the “Three Serviceman” statue at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The $125, 000 project was set in motion by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and the National Park Service this spring.

The reason: The statue had suffered from more than two decades of weather beating and the well-meaning hands of millions of visitors. The original bronze finish had turned prominent parts of the sculpture—primarily the mens’ faces, arms, hands and weapons—greenish-blue.

The statue, by Frederick Hart, was dedicated in 1984, two years after The Wall was dedicated. The restoration was done on site by New Arts Foundry of Baltimore, under the direction of two artists who had worked with Hart. The National Park Service, which maintains the Memorial and its grounds, contributed $25, 000 toward the statue’s restoration. Many corporations, veterans organizations and individuals also contributed to the statue’s restoration.

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