Scruggs to Step Down at VVMF

Jan Scruggs, the former Vietnam War infantryman who spearheaded the effort to built the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington—and who has headed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund for many years—has announced that he is stepping down from running VVMF in June.

“I’ll continue to sort of be the president emeritus of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, ” Scruggs told The Washington Post . “I’ll continue to work with them on a part-time basis. But basically, running the fund full time is someone else’s domain, and it’s good.”

“There would be no Wall without Jan Scruggs, ” former Senator and Secretary of Defense (and Vietnam veteran) Chuck Hagel told The Post . He “came up with the whole concept of, first of all, honoring Vietnam veterans, and then had the courage to make it happen.”



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