A 'Secret' Vietnam War Memorial

The story goes that a Vietnam veteran or veterans used a helicopter to bring in the materials to build a veterans memorial deep in the woods off of Highway 50 near Gunnison, Colorado, along the Continental Divide.

“You won’t find it on any maps, ” a blogger called Gemini Journey wrote in an online post that includes a good video look at the memorial. “An old local at the Tomichi Trading Post said the Park Rangers keep it off maps.”

In another post , she wrote: “I expected a monument to American Vietnam veterans. What I found instead was a tribute to all of the men who have fought; a reminder that Laos, Cambodia, France, Vietnam and the United States all left sons on the fields of battle. A testament that in the quiet stillness of God’s faithful watch, surrounded by untainted and un-bloodied beauty, a fellow wounded warrior remembers those sons…..those brothers…..those sacrifices.”

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