The New WLA

The newest edition of War Literature & The Arts , the literary journal published by the Department of English & Fine Arts at the U.S. Air Force Academy, has just been published. This 20th anniversary edition (Vol. 20, Nos. 1 and 2) is chock full of first-rate essays, short fiction, poetry, and reviews.

As usual, there is a good assortment of material dealing with the Vietnam War and Vietnam veterans. That includes an essay by Jerry Kykisz of the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum about that excellent institution, along with a dozen or so well-reproduced images of art work from the collection.

There also is an interview with the writer and poet John Balaban (above), a conscientious objector who volunteered to go to Vietnam and found himself in the midst of Tet ’68 and whose memoir, Remembering Heaven’s Face , is one of the best of its genre, along with an excellent appreciation of Balaban’s work by Bill Ehrhart.

Another featured entry: a hard-hitting memoir by former ARVN Capt. Tony Thang Nguyen, concentrating on the years he spent in a re-education camp in North Vietnam after the war.

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