Iver Peterson, 1942-2012

Iver Peterson, a retired New York Times  reporter and former Vietnam War correspondent,  died August 1 following treatment for acute myelogenic leukemia. He was 70 years old.

After graduating from Harvard in 1964, Peterson went to work for The Times as a clerk for the famed correspondent James B. “Scotty” Reston in the Washington, D.C., bureau. Peterson then left journalism to work for U.S. AID in Vietnam. He returned to The Times in the war zone to cover the fighting.

He “was one of a generation of young reporters who earned distinction as war correspondents in Vietnam, ” Daniel E. Slotnik wrote in his NYT obituary . “Besides his dispatches from combat zones, Mr. Peterson wrote of an American dump scavenged by two Vietnamese villages near Danang; drug use by American soldiers; and the practice by Cambodian soldiers of wearing amulets to ward off bullets.”


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