In the Works: New, Unique Vietnam War Doc by Ron Osgood

Just like Me: Vietnam War Stories from All Sides” is the title of a new, unique documentary that is the result of more than a few years of work by filmmaker and Vietnam War veteran Ron Osgood. In it, Osgood stays true to the film’s subtitle, offering the present-day voices of those who took part in the Vietnam from this country, as well as from North and South Vietnam.

As he did in his well-received earlier documentary, My Vietnam, Your Iraq (2010)—which appeared on PBS and deals with eight families of Vietnam War veterans whose children served in the Iraq War— Osgood sticks to the first-person stories of war veterans, eschewing politics and conventional history. These personal stories include those of several American and Vietnamese artists, including the acclaimed musician Kimo Williams.  The production includes hand-drawn artwork by Vietnam War veteran Eric Stasuk and original music by Tudor Maier.

Osgood, a member of Vietnam Veterans of America, is currently taking the doc on the film festival circuit and is open to holding for public screenings at colleges and veterans and other organizations.  You can find out more by emailing him at

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