On-Line Writing Workshop for Veterans

The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland, is offering for the first time in October a writing workshop for veterans. This is an on-line workshop that will be taught by Richard Currey , the former Navy corpsman and the author of many excellent works of fiction, including Fatal Light , one of the best Vietnam War novels.

The workshop is aimed at veterans of all eras as well as active-duty military folks who are interested, Currey says, “in fiction and non-fiction investigation of their experience in and around military life.” Those who take part in the program “will explore ways to approach the subject, variations on re-emerging literary themes, and how to make one’s own stories ring beyond the personal and particular and reflect a wider emotional range.”

The workshop starts on October 1 and runs through Oct. 22. There are 15 slots available for writers on all levels who work in all genres except poetry. For more info, including the tuition, go to The Writers Center web site, https://www.writer.org/workshops/bio-instructor.asp?id=28172

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