In Search of Info on July 30, 1970 Vietnam War KIAs

Andoni Garcia, a Spanish military veteran, has undertaken a project to honor the American service personnel who died on the day he was born, July 30, 1970 (or later from wounds received that day).

He is putting together a tribute to the men and is looking for more information about their service and lives before the war. “I assure you that I do so with all my respect for them,” Garcia told us. If you have information or memories you’d like to share, please send an email to

Here’s the list of names:

Donald Eugene Auten

Jerold Franklin

Dale Ervin Sathoff

Edward James Whitton

Donald D Layton

Robert W Hart
Robert Maseda

Willian Ray Schroeder

Clyde James Tensley
David Andrew Allen

Willian Joseph McPherson

Clyde James Ball

Edison Amos Harkins
Harold Utah Hayes

Forrest Hughy Hollifield

Lee Raymond Peters

Vincent Pinaula Moreham

Richard Allen Ponerinke
Stephen Abram Rushing
Timothy Michael Springer
Clyde Lewis Tensley
Donald Alan Brown

Gary Anthony Chavez

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