‘I Married the War’ Documentary streaming on November 6

Betty and Ken Rodgers’ brilliant new documentary, I Married the War, which focuses on eleven military wives who have had to deal with their husbands’ emotional and physical wounds of war, will have its virtual world premiere, streaming online on Saturday, November 6, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time. The premier also will include a live Q&A with the women who tell their stories in the documentary.

Betty and former Marine Ken Rodgers coproduced the stirring documentary Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor, which looks at the Vietnam War Siege of Khe Sanh through the eyes of fifteen men who served there. Betty and Ken Rodgers co-wrote, produced, and directed I Married the War, which includes testimony from three Vietnam War veterans’ wives: Francine Jones, Terri Topmiller, and Sally Zepeda.

For more info, and to purchase tickets, go to https://imarriedthewar.com

You can read Arts Editor Marc Leepson’s  review of I Married the War on this page on Arts of War.

–October 30, 2021

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