Filmmaker Query: Original Material Wanted for Documentary on Combat

Aleksandar Nikolic, a London-based documentary filmmaker, is working on a film about “what it means to be a soldier and how it plays out for the individual person.” The proposed doc, from Chapter One Media, will consist entirely of “original footage material (film, audio, letters, diaries, etc.) collected and archived by soldiers who, in their time of service, experienced armed combat.”

That would include life in the field, as well as “the first considerations to join his (or her) country’s” military, as well as “the time after he (or she) left the active service, when the experiences someone lived through become memories – and, for some, maybe also a trauma.”

If you are interested or wish to learn more, the filmmakers are asking you to join the Facebook group they are creating. To do so, either send an email to or a message to the Facebook page at 


March 28, 2020

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