Stone's Wall Street II

Stone on Wall Street in NYC

Oliver (Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, et al .) Stone’s latest film, Wall Street: Money Never Stops , hit the multiplexes yesterday, September 24. The movie, Stone’s 18th as a director, is a sequel to Wall Street , the movie the former 25th Infantry rifleman made in 1987 right after his Vietnam War opus, Platoon .

Wall Street II bring back Michael Douglas as the infamous Gordon Gekko doing what he does on Wall Street after serving jail time for his 80’s illegal doings. The movie received mixed reviews.

One example: Time magazine’s Richard Corliss liked a lot about the film, but also said: “As social commentary, the script is best when it’s bitter. The first two acts are a splendid vaudeville of fast talking and dirty dealing. At the climax, though, the picture becomes Wall Street Weak .”

Another:  Christopher Orr, writing in The Atlantic , also praised Stone’s film making, but then called the plot “unerringly silly.” Yet, he said, “against all probability, Money Never Sleeps is a watchable enough movie for its first hour or so. But as the financial bubble pops, so too does the cinematic one.”

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