Love & Honor: A Vietnam War Story That Bombs

The initial reviews of Love & Honor— a new Hollywood movie staring Liam Hemsworth of The Hunger Games about two Vietnam War infantrymen who manage to come home to Michigan in the middle of their tour in 1969 to surprise one guy’s girlfriend—are in. They are not good. Here’s a sampling:

The Huffington Post : “a misguided, overly mushy film… an unrealistic view of the Vietnam era.”

Joe Neumaier in the New York Daily News :   “The 1960s never looked so clean and scrubbed of character as they do in this cross-cultural love story…. Hemsworth has presence, but he also represents this film’s biggest problem: It feels like a bunch of good-looking kids putting on a show.”

Lou Lumenick in the New York Post :  “The political passions that roiled 1969 America get boiled down to Nicholas Sparks-style mush in this silly romantic drama, seemingly designed primarily to offer up the shirtless, non-period-authentic abs of Liam Hemsworth as often as possible.”

Nicolas Rapold in The New York Times :  “Set during the Vietnam War, this trifle about two soldiers who sneak away to America while on leave unfolds in a world about as realistic as a flashback on a sitcom. The film dresses up pretty young things in fatigues and retro T-shirts for a story so clichéd and brainless that it’s almost more disturbing than laughable…. The performances dissolve instantly in the mind without a trace, though during speeches Mr. Hemsworth has the faraway look of someone remembering his lines.”

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