Gump Honored

Librarian of Congress James H. Billington today announced that twenty-five movies have been named to the LOC’s National Film Registry, which means they will be preserved in the Library as cultural, artistic, and historical treasures. The Registry now includes 575  movies of all stripes (feature films, documentaries, animation, shorts, and even home movies) made from 1912-1994 that have been deemed worthy of perpetual preservation.

This year’s group included Bambi , Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid , Silence of the Lambs , War of the Worlds , and one film with a strong Vietnam War theme- Forrest Gump. That famed 1994 film starring Tom Hanks contains a short, but extremely realistic Vietnam War combat scene (the military technical adviser was Dale Dye, Hollywood’s best), and follows Gump and his severely wounded Lt. Dan (Gary Sinise, above right ) through a series of post-war adventures.

Here’s what the official announcement had to say about the movie: “Forrest Gump is a guileless ‘everyman’ whose open-heartedness and sense of the unexpected unwittingly draws him into some of the most iconic events of the 1960s and 1970s. A smash hit, ‘Forrest Gump’ has been honored for its technological innovations (the digital insertion of Gump seamlessly into vintage archival footage), its resonance within the culture that has elevated Gump (and what he represents in terms of American innocence) to the status of folk hero, and its attempt to engage both playfully and seriously with contentious aspects of the era’s traumatic history. The film received six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.”




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