War Legacy Drama: A Shadow of Honor

The play, A Shadow of Honor , which had its world premiere at the Keegan Theatre in Washington, D.C., in January, has a two-pronged plot tied together by the legacies of America’s wars on different families from different generations who live in the same farmhouse in rural Nelson County, Virginia.

The first story line, set in 1907,   deals with the still-strong feelings about the Civil War. The second, set in 2007, has a young couple grappling with, among other things, the husband’s father post-Vietnam War maladjustment and its continuing impact on his family.

The play was written by Peter Coy, the co-artistic director of the non profit Hamner Theatre in Afton, Virginia, south of Charlottesville.  Coy also is a long-time theater director and producer, and has written a slew of other plays.

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