Veterans Theatre Project at Citrus College

Citrus College history professor Bruce Solheim has written a new play, “Bronze Star, ” based on the life of his friend, Vietnam veteran Carl Ferguson, an Army draftee who received a Bronze Star and who committed suicide in 2002.  “We use some of our veteran students as actors [above at a staged readin g] and others as behind the scenes technicians, ” Solheim told us. “The play touches on many contemporary issues while taking us back to the Vietnam War era.”

The play he said, deals with the Vietnam War, as well as today’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “It’s about a heroic, young, gay soldier looking for acceptance, peace, love, and purpose who is traumatized by war and rejected by his family and an uncaring and intolerant society.”

On tap is a more formal staged reading in the fall and then a full production in Fall 2012.

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