Harry Bosch on Amazon – No Longer A Vietnam Veteran

Tim Welliver as Harry Bosch in the new Amazon series

A little over a year ago we reported on “Bosch, ” a cop procedural drama pilot that began streaming on Amazon Prime. “Bosch” was based on the Harry Bosch novels of Michael Connelly, and Connelly, in fact, co-wrote and co executive produced the pilot. As a big Harry Bosch fan since the first novel appeared in 1992, I was delighted to see the flawed but heroic LAPD detective who did a tour of duty as a tunnel rat in the Vietnam War come alive on film.

After the pilot got good reviews, Amazon agreed to produce a full ten-episode season. Shooting began last August and ended in December, and now Amazon Prime subscribers can watch all ten episodes, plus a Behind the Scenes piece, on line.

One disappointment: mainly because of main character Titus Welliver’s age, Connelly agreed that Bosch couldn’t be a Vietnam veteran. He’s now a veteran of the first Persian Gulf War.  Here’s how he put it in an interview in The Washington Post :

“Harry Bosch is 100 percent, and L.A. is 100 percent. But we blended the [first] three books together that, as books, stood apart. We had to create evidentiary connections. We had to play with Bosch having been in Vietnam, because Titus Welliver is too young to have been there, so we changed his military experience.”

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