Brian Delate's Soldier's Heart

Brian Delate (above) is among the handful of Vietnam veterans who have made a career in show biz—in his case, as an actor, and now a director. Delate, who served as a draftee infantry sergeant in Vietnam in 1968-69, has appeared in a ton of movies, including The Truman Show, The Shawshank Redemption, Spiderman, and Far From Heaven, and TV shows such as Law & Order, Sex and The City , and NY Undercover .

Delate’s latest endeavor is Soldier’s Heart , a feature film that won the Best Narrative Feature Award at this year’s GI Film Festival in Washington. Delate wrote, directed, and has a supporting role in this powerful movie, which looks at a Vietnam veteran’s battle with post-traumatic stress disorder. You can take watch a trailer on You Tube

To find out more about the film, including how to order a DVD at Delate’s website .

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