The New American Heroes Channel's Series 'Against the Odds'

Earlier this month Discovery Communications changed the name of its Military Channel to the American Heroes Channel. One of the newly named channel’s new series is “Against the Odds, ” which profiles the actions of American troops in uphill battles in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq.

The first episode of the new series ran on March 3; it zeroed on on the Battle of Hue City in January and February of 1968 during the Tet Offensive. The episode contained rare footage of U.S. Marines in action as they faced daunting odds against entrenched NVA troops as they fought street-by-street for control of Hue.  Along with narration from actor Rob Lowe, we also hear the present-day voices of Marines who took part in the vicious fighting. The episode does not spare the viewer images of dead and severely wounded American Marines.

Upcoming episodes will look at the World War II Battles of Okinawa, the Bulge, and Tarawa; the Battle of Chosin Reservoir from the Korean War; and the Battle of Ramadi from the Iraq War.

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