'The Betrayal, ' A Documentary Two Decades in the Making

The documentary film, The Betrayal , had its premiere June 14 at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival at New York City’s Lincoln Center. The film, directed by noted cinematographer Ellen Kuras (Analyze That , Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , et al .), looks at the life of a young Loatian man, Thavisouk Pharasavath, who escapted from his homeland at age 12, and later joined his family in the United States.

Kuras met Phrasavath when she hired him to tutor her in the Lao language in the mid-eighties. They then began collaborating on the film, which he co-directed. One of the reasons it took so long to finish: The filmmakers couldn’t get into Laos until relatively recently. The New York Times called the film, also known by the Lao name Nerakhoon, ” a poetic recounting of Mr. Phrasavath’s journey into exile.”

Another reviewer has described it as “beautifully shot and visually poetical.”  The Betrayal is scheduled to open in theaters in November.

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