History Detectives Returns NVA Diary

The October 2 episode of the PBS television series History Detectives included a moving segment that dealt with the return of the diary of  Vu Dinh Doan,  a North Vietnamese Army soldier, to his family.  A U.S. Marine, Bob Frazure, serving with Bravo Company, First Battalion, 7th Marines, found the diary following a vicious firefight in Quang Nai Province on March 29, 1966.

Working with the sister of a fellow Marine who was killed in Vietnam, he turned the diary over to the History Detectives earlier this year. The show contacted the Pentagon for help, and the diary wound up going to Vietnam in June when Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta visited that country. He presented the diary to the Vietnamese (in photo, above ) and in September the diary was returned to Vu Dinh Doan’s family.

The entire episode is now available on the History Detectives website.



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